What is your background in the livestock industry? I grew up in Hinton Ok. showing registered Simmental Cattle. We had a very active FFA chapter and that is where I grew a passion for livestock. I went on to Connors State College and judged on the livestock team. I moved on to OSU where I met my husband and I got my first sheep for a wedding gift. I specifically remember, as I was helping my little sister show her sheep, telling Mr. Walker that I hated sheep and I would NEVER have any. Well, here I am 19 years later with over 100 head of registered Southdowns, of which Mr. Walker always reminds me that is what I get for saying NEVER, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

What is the best part of working for Final Drive? The best part is that I am living out my dream and without out the support from 007, my kids and Kari none of this would be possible. The next best part is having the most awesome crew on the planet. Getting to talk camera, livestock, kids and The Big Man Upstairs are my favorite things to do. FDP has the best crew in the business and that makes this thing we do so much fun. We are a family.

How Long have you been with Final Drive?   Since before Final Drive was well, Final Drive!

If you could do one thing what would it be?

Absolutely nothing (with my family). We go and do so much that we catch ourselves burning the candle at both ends.

Are you a Canon or Nikon person?

Nikon, I speak english and if you are part of the FDP crew you know who speaks french!

You are at Sonic, what are you ordering to drink?

Route 44 Dr. Pepper and a bottle of water, because that is the healthy thing to do right?